Suppliers Evaluation:

In order to develop the best health policies and respect for legal issues, the evaluation of suppliers is done in accordance with the internal rules included in the Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

The evaluation of suppliers is a tool used to evaluate the fulfillment of the requirements of each supplier / supplier, in order to maximize the positive points and minimize the negative points.

Eurovilde annually promotes supplier assessment for the previous year, in accordance with the procedure IT.CMP.02  Suppliers evaluation (EN Version)
Suppliers are evaluated according to their typology:
  a) Suppliers of leather and outsoles;
  b) Suppliers of Subcontracted Operations;
  c) Forms Suppliers and Cutters.

After the evaluation, and according to the result achieved, a classification is assigned and, in the case of Risk Supplier evaluation, measures are taken in order to avoid future defaults.

Suppliers code of conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

In order to respect and maintain partnerships with companies that share the same values ​​as Eurovilde, we ask our suppliers to agree by signing the Term of Supplier Code of Conduct.

Eurovilde is implementing guidelines in its Code of Conduct for Suppliers to direct the activities of suppliers in accordance with the requirements of Social and Environmental Responsibility. Within this philosophy we invite all our suppliers to assume, through this corporate commitment, the adherence to our Code of Conduct for Suppliers presented in the link below.

Download - Supplier Code of Conduct (EN Version)

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