Our sustainable process

Our sustainable footwear production process

We rethinking our productionand consumption habits, we can minimize waste in all its forms - time, energy, material - increase reuse and recycling. 

Eurovilde is committed to optimizingits production processes through ways to reduce waste in the processing process. In reducing the environmental impact, through active monitoring ofenergy consumption, packaging, chemical products, as well as the wastegenerated.

We have solutions thatconsider different aspects of shoe production that can make your shoes more environmentally sustainable
  - Selection of sustainable footwear material;
  - Ecological footwear production processes;
  - Reduction of waste in shoe manufacturing.

Eco-Friendly Footwear
Through a selection of sustainable material we canproduce Vegan Eco-Friendly:

- Vegan Sneakers isone of our solutions that do not contain any animal-derived material - such asfur, leather, suede or wool. Thus, vegan shoes are much Eco-Friendly

We work with Sustainable Footwear Materials

Organic Content Standard (OCS)
other sustainable aspects

Buying an electric vehicle! It's your choice to 2022

One of the reasons that can then preside over the exchange of a vehicle whose energy comes from fossil fuels (ICE - Internal Combustion Engine) for an electric vehicle is the reduction of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions.

100% electric cars do not produce CO2 emissions on their routes, and this responsible choice must be more and more conscious for those looking to collaborate towards a more sustainable planet.

100% electric vehicle do not produce CO2 emissions

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